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Permafoodforest Senegal

Sustainable Agriculture. From Senegal. To the World.

In a forest garden managed according to permaculture guidelines, we cultivate tropical fruits and herbs for the local markets in southern Senegal and for export – in organic quality, without the use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

We are convinced that conventional agriculture has become a dead end road: An increase in production is hardly possible, resource consumption and environmental pollution are unacceptable.

In contrast, we focus on sustainable agriculture for the benefit of the environment and people. As far as possible, we leave the value chain in Africa, provide training and prospects, and in this way also hope to combat the causes of flight.

Agricultural products in organic quality for the local market and export. For the local markets, we initially concentrate on proven products (bananas, papaya, passion fruit), but in high quality. For export we also grow Moringa. Little by little we will add more products (nuts, citrus fruits), as well as medicinal plants and herbs.

We decided to move because we want to help preserving the world for our children and grandchildren. Our project is based on decades of knowledge of Senegal and the experience of many successfully completed projects.

Note: Our project and also our homepage are under construction. Bit by bit we will add further contents. Not all links are working yet.

Interesting! And where is that?

Project Status

How it started:

The first step was to reclaim the land: Trees and bushes were pruned, shredded and mulched or processed into compost

How it continued:

Before the rainy season began, a borehole was drilled and the permaculture-typical raised beds were created. After the rainy season we will start with the first planting.

And our blog provides information about what is currently happening.

Regeneration of depleted soil

In this video, Miguel uses the example of another project that he supervises to impressively demonstrate how permaculture methods can be used to regenerate virtually dead soil.

The result is a well-aired, living soil that offers the best growing conditions for plants, stores carbon dioxide and water and prevents erosion.

How it will look one day:

The following photo shows a banana plantation nearby, which after many years of conventional monoculture is being transformed into a living forest garden by Miguel Jessen (see also here on Youtube).


Miguel Jessen

Miguel has lived in Senegal for many years and is in charge of several permaculture projects. He supervises the agricultural activities and trains our employees.

Andreas Kretschmannn

Andreas has also lived in Senegal for many years and has a broad network of contacts in technical cooperation and agriculture. Among other, he is responsible for technical and legal aspects of the project.

Jens Hauck

Everywhere in the world, Jens feels at home. He will be the "North-South link" of the project, promoting cooperations with similar projects in Berlin and Senegal. Furthermore he will work as trainer and permaculture-designer, and will help organizing import and distribution.

Markus Uhle

Heading the Berlin office, Markus will coordinate the projects activities together with Jens and organize distribution. He is also responsible for finances and public relations of the project.

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