This page is still under construction, nevertheless to start with:

Sarsarale e.V.: the non-profit association has been involved in Kafountine (also Casamance, Senegal) for years with regard to environmental protection, sustainability and renewable energies. Sarsarale runs a medicinal plant (training) garden, a pharmacy for natural medicine and a tree nursery. Over the many years of local presence, great expertise in the cultivation, care and processing of local plants as well as a lot of experience in education has accumulated.

Sarsarale will play a leading role in the development of the educational sector of the farm, i.e. training the staff and other interested parties. Furthermore, Sarsarale will document the development of the farm and make the knowledge gained available to other projects (construction of the farm, care and processing of the plants etc.). In cooperation with Diappal Gaayi – Build Community Roots.Sen, Sarsarale plans and designs modular, tropically suitable Eco Plus Energy Houses. The plans will be available to be rebuild by other projects. The prototype of these houses will be built on the farm.

Waldgarten Projekt: A pilot project for sustainable food production and multifunctional agroforestry systems is being developed in the vicinity of Berlin. It will be our exchange and partner project in the north. The initiator Ramos has a lot of ideas and plans, among other things there will be an annual international “forest garden symposium” from 2021 on, which we support and also participate in.

Diappal Gaayi – Build Community Roots.Sen is an association that is also active in Senegal. The founder is an architect specialized in sustainable buildings. Together with her we will build the buildings for our farm.

Kamine & Wein in Berlin has supported the construction of our farm with an extremely generous donation – thank you very much! In this way, the company would like to contribute to the reduction of CO2 through regenerative agriculture – we believe in long-term partnership. We use the products to protect our farm from wild animals and are considering supporting the distribution of the products in Senegal, as cement and rare tropical woods can be saved by using these systems. So far we are very satisfied with the product, which not only reliably protects the farm from wild animals but also from monkeys, which conventional fences cannot do.

SOLEIL-EAU-VIE SARL: The company of co-founder Andreas Kretschmann is the first address for photovoltaic solar collectors and solar water pumping systems in West Africa.

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