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Sustainable Agriculture.

From Senegal.

To the World.

A forest garden located in southern Senegal is build up in accordance with permaculture guidelines.We cultivate tropical fruits and herbs for the local markets and for export.In organic quality, without use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Regenerative agriculture

Southern Senegal offers everything for regernerative agriculture: uncultivated land, sunshine, reliable groundwater and people who want to shape their future.

We are creating a forest garden (agroforestry) as an alternative to the conventional industrial agriculture. Following nature’s example, many different crops grow in this forest garden in mixed cultivation and on several storeys. Natural cycles are respected and restored; the resulting ecosystem is stable and resilient. Only organic fertiliser is used, which means that the soil is healthy and stores large quantities of CO2.

We grow tropical fruits and herbs for the local markets. Products for export are processed locally to keep the value chain in the country. Our employees will be well trained and fairly remunerated. We offer perspective and thus reduce the causes of flight.

Interesting! Und where all that?

Our Permafoodforest after first planting in spring 2020 seen from above.

You can see the first raised beds and the solar panels that generate electricity for irrigation via sprinkler system.

Current status of the project:

We purchased the first two hectares of land in mid-2018, fenced and equipped with an access gate. Before the rainy season of 2019, the first half hectare was converted into flower beds and a well was drilled by hand. With the beginning of the rainy season the first plantations were made and the irrigation system was installed. In addition, the first house for security staff, employees and material is ready. We are in negotiations to purchase another two hectares in the neighbourhood. 

Here our feel-good video with impressions from spring 2020:


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Partners and Links

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Miguel Jessen

Miguel has lived in Senegal for many years and is in charge of several permaculture projects. He supervises the agricultural activities and trains our employees.

Andreas Kretschmannn

Andreas has also lived in Senegal for many years and has a broad network of contacts in technical cooperation and agriculture. Among other, he is responsible for technical and legal aspects of the project.

Jens Hauck

Everywhere in the world, Jens feels at home. He will be the "North-South link" of the project, promoting cooperations with similar projects in Berlin and Senegal. Furthermore he will work as trainer and permaculture-designer, and will help organizing import and distribution.

Markus Uhle

Heading the Berlin office, Markus will coordinate the projects activities together with Jens and organize distribution. He is also responsible for finances and public relations of the project.

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