Conceptual background information:

Casamance is located in southern Senegal on the west coast of Africa. This beautiful region with great potential is unfortunately still economically weakened as a result of the long civil war and is still neglected by the central government in Dakar, not only because of the special geographical situation. The infrastructure is rund-down and the environment damaged. Due to little manufacturing industry, the locals have hardly any prospects, and subsistence farming is predominant. The rural exodus is high and many people in the region try their luck in the larger cities of the country or take the risky route to Europe.

In this region, which has been well known to the founders for many years, a permaculture farm is being created as a „social business“, because:

  • We want to make our contribution to ensuring that the world remains a suitable place for grandchildren.
    The local people need education, jobs and prospects.
  • Conventional agriculture has come to its end. With the methods of permaculture, dead soil can be regenerated and higher yields can be achieved.
  • Soil formation through humus stores large amounts of CO2, and in a forest garden there is a large and increasing biodiversity.
  • A reforested forest garden with planting of many different varieties creates a stable ecosystem with its own microclimate.

The aim is the sustainable, regional production of healthy food for the markets of the region. In addition, various products are produced for export to Europe (e.g. Moringa olifeira, teas, medicinal plants, oils, etc.)

Our concept: Although the Permafoodforest („PFF“) project is intended to grow in an economically healthy way, the focus is on building a company that is „fair“ to employees and the environment. We want to show that even under difficult external conditions it is possible to run a fair, ecologically and economically healthy business. The aim is to develop PFF from an ambitious pilot project into a „best practice“ example.

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